Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can You Spell Spoiled?


That's my new name! I opened the mailbox yesterday and found all of these goodies inside!

But this photo doesn't do my goodies justice.. Check this CUTE ornament out!

Courtney, from The Cajun Hillbilly Housewife, made this for me. Miss Courtney free-styled this ornament. Do you see how cute and perfect these acorns are? I love it!
This ornament was not alone in the box. This cute pair of sparkly earrings were included...

The acorns came out of Courtney's yard. With a dose of glitter glue, they are just adorable. And, in case ya'll didn't know, Raleigh, NC is the City of Oaks. Every New Year's Eve, they drop the giant acorn to count down the New Year. If it is ever warm enough for me to go, I will wear these earrings. However, I can't wait to wear them just to drive the squirrels crazy!

And in the words of Willie Mays, "That's not all!" To celebrate Valentine's Day next month, Courtney made this beautiful pin...

So you can see the detail involved, here is a close up of the rose...

Courtney, I believe we need a tutorial on how to make this pretty flower!

And yet again, we channel Willie Mays, "And that's still not all!" Three CD's filled with vintage pictures, gift tags, labels, and so much more were in the box! I can't wait to settle down and play with these!

Thank you so much! I love them! Now, I'm going to copy you and find a small Christmas tree that I can leave in my dining room all year and add each ornament throughout the year.

Merry Christmas eleven months early!


Yarni Gras! said...

oh wow...everything is so lovely!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! that's some great stuff you got :) I love it all.

here's a great tutorial on making those bullion roses:


gin said...

Fantastic, what a GRAND package you received.

Jeanne said...

How Wonderful! Lucky you!
The earring are adorable! And the ornie is so cute! I love the Valentine.
And yes! We need a tutorial for the rose!!!!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Wow! You were spoiled rotten! Isn't it fun to keep reaching into a box and finding more things to ooh and aah over?

Love the ear rings! The heart is amazing!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love every single one of those goodies.......I think having acorns as a theme really challenged us all to be creative!

AwtemNymf said...

Wow- Courtney is the felt embroidery Goddess *bows*]
YOu got some neat stuff! LUCKY YOU :)