Friday, January 29, 2010

Fairy Tutorials and ideas....

I've had such fun finding tutorials for fairies!

I didn't know there were so many kinds! We have flower fairies, snowflake fairies, forest fairies, mushroom fairies...the list goes on and on.

I didn't link them all...just too many. But here is a little taste of what you can find simply by using google!

here is one link... and another....

Fairy Stuff has cuties for inspiration, including a tutorial, just scroll down...and down some more!

here is a link to a lovely snowflake fairy tutorial

here is a link to a sweet needle felted fairy (just a picture though...)

here is a link to a sweet little felt fairy tutorial

All three fairies

and ANOTHER felt fairy link...

and a flower fairy...

look at these is the link
they are a bit large but it will give you a good idea....


this link shows several types of fairies, no tutorial but several lovely photos!
(Since it is not a tutorial, I didn't want to post the photos....but be sure to check it out and scroll DOWN!)

Here is a sweet flower fairy tutorial! Sorry no photo...I couldn't get it to copy!

Please remember to make these as lovely as you can and keep them delicate in nature...

Come back tomorrow as I have some Fairy House links ready for you!

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Louisiana Momma said...

I am sooo excited for this month's theme.. I have never made fairies so this should be fun.. love the snowflake fairies.. I just started crocheting so I could see making a crochet skirt instead of felt.. too cute!!