Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big smiles...Even bigger teeth!


A big thank you to Jill for the incredible Cheshire Cat zombie doll and gifts!  After several weeks of traveling and visiting family in the Carolinas, I was delighted to return home and tear into this box!  I absolutely love the Cheshire cat with the dangly eye, exposed entrails, and zombie mouse snack!  The doll is beautiful, thank you so much Jill.  He will occupy a special spot in my craft room!  Along with the amazing doll, Jill included an Alice in wonderland keychain, a bag of candy pumpkins...which may already be gone..... and a spooky hand painted eyeball plate.  Once again, thank you Jill. 

I am overwhelmed by the talent I have seen on this swap.  I am a first-time swapper here, and a very novice crafter.  Over the past few weeks, I have watched this blog for updates and sneak peeks- and I most certainly felt that I was in the company of some seriously talented artists.  I can only hope that the recipient of the doll I made is half as delighted as I am!  Thank you all for welcoming me into this group.   

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val said...

what a great package ! I love that cat's smile! Creepy cute!