Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Deeeeeee . . .WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

Well, don't you look pleased with yourself!  
This poor featherless bird was also a victim of the the bully brother's maniacal shenanigans!  Oh the Horror!!!!
I almost took the poor bird's advise!  "Don't open it"  She said!  "Bury it"  she begged!
She died shortly after from the stress.  The unknown horrors that went on inside that box must have been too much for her.  I can only imagine as there were 13 set of disembodied eyes!
I know Val (whom I will lovingly call The Queen of Hearts)  tried to send bribe gifts so I would not return them!  Well, Dee has run off as if he knows my plan!
  I do so love the gifts:  My very own Voo Doo doll that I will use as a pin cushion.  A VERY large mug for strong coffee (heaven forbid I fall asleep with the boy on the loose).  A zombie finger/chap stick holder which I am using as zombie bait for Dee.  The candle has come in handy lighting the blood trail which seems to have stopped next to the open bottle of fabric glue.

Well my Queen, I have enjoyed this swap immensely.  My family is very amused.  I am proud to be the owner of Dee and Dum even if they are Dead and Deader!  


Kerry said...

You have your hands full girl !!!
Awesome swap package as always .... enjoy !!!

Val said...

Hahaha! So glad you like them. They were fun to make! I hope they don't scare off the trick or treaters this year!

Melinda c said...

I just adore this doll...you did such a good job Val! It is just a riot!!!!!

A Little Creation said...

How fun!!
Val - Dee and Dum are Great!
Chris =]

AutumnWind said...

Oh my, aren't they amazing!! And apparently deadly LOL. Beautiful zombies!!

jillytacy said...

AWESOME! I love this little pair! Val you have a true talent in zombie making!

Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool!!!