Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zombification Complete ...

With his black top hat,
and purple suit,
he really appears quite dapper.

Don't be misled,
for it's not what it seems,
his jacket is covered in blood spatter.

A word of advice,
stay out of his way,
or he'll be feasting on your grey matter.

He's all boxed up (I wish you could hear the groans coming from that box), and tomorrow he'll be on his way.
Hope his new Mama likes him as much as I do ...... I think he may just be my most favorite zombie creation ever.
I haven't included any pictures, so that his arrival will be a surprise for my partner.


val said...

I can't wait to see what he looks like! Love the poem!

A Little Creation said...

You are quite the literary guru!! Hoping to see photos soon.
Chris =]

Melinda c said...

I love the poem too... Cant wait to see him!

Kathy Fuller said...

tee hee hee. You are so wicked!

jillytacy said...

I'm excited to see what you created!