Friday, September 20, 2013

My Package Came!!!

This was inclosed.....
Deep in Wonderland, White Rabbit will never be late again for the Queen of Hearts. You see, he lost his head- and found it again and sewed it back on. And he came back, sought his revenge on the Queen, and then settled himself in a patch of colorful mushrooms and ate until his eyes went cross... It was a wonderful trip.... and at the end of his long , strange trip, he noticed his tail was just a tad more colorful!!!!

 Bloody nub holding torn fabric cards!
 No leg and the stitching around the eyes is all colorful!
I LOVE it!!! So very awesome Sarah J!! Thank you so much!!! Look at all the sweet tuck-ins she sent too...mmmm. Taffy, candy corn, chocolates and adorable Halloween tissues. What a wonderful partner.
Little Messy Missy


val said...

oh my gosh, he cracks me up. I was curious (couldn't resist) about that colorful tail! hahaha! What a great wabbit!

Kerry said...

Awesome White Rabbit ..... Love his crazy eyes and tail :-)

Sarah Jonas said...


I am glad you liked the big old rabbit! I am a crafting beginner, so I hope he was up to your expectations. Also, the taffy might not have been halloweeny- but I was at the ocean visiting family when I sent your package off- and I thought I would add a little last reminder of the summer for you.

Happy Halloween!