Tuesday, September 10, 2013

twin troubles

Unlike most of you, I had NO trouble getting the boys into their shipping box.   Becoming a zombie is tough and they still aren't feeling too well... and are moving rather slowly.   

I just hope I put enough snacks in there to keep them both happy.....and well fed.    
I certainly want them BOTH to arrive as unscathed as possible.   I was hearing all sorts of arguing from within the box which has me worried.  "Stop biting me!" was the main thing I kept hearing.   Of course, it was sort of muffled and there was additional groaning but I know I heard the word BITE more than once.   (I would hate it if someone lost a limb or resorted to cannitwinism.)

 I just wonder WHO will prevail if a fight actually does break out between those two.


Kerry said...

Oh Dear ..... Double Trouble !!!!

Kathy Fuller said...

tee hee hee

jillytacy said...

I hope they arrive safely. I can't wait to see this little zombie pair!

A Little Creation said...

Dee or Dum or is it 9 or 10???
Chris =]

Little Messy Missy said...


Melinda c said...

tweedle z?