Sunday, September 29, 2013

He Has A Head !!!!

Oh yes he does ..... as creepy as it is !!!
My White Rabbit is busy drying .... my kids keep making him face the wall - they're not too keen on his face :-) .... I think it's all to do with the open mouth ... wait until they see the "brains" hanging out of it !!!

It's the first time I've molded the paper clay around aluminium foil (for his ears) ..... it worked a charm, and allowed me to "bend" the paper clay. He seems to be drying very slowly, which isn't a bad thing, as that seems to reduce the cracking.
Hopefully I'll get to creating his fabric body and appendages this week, and then it'll be time for my most favorite part ...... designing his outfit !!!  I am very hopeful that he'll be ready in time for Halloween, to take his place among his fellow zombies.
I'll keep you posted ......


A Little Creation said...

His face looks great! I'm sure his outfit will be marvelous! (just like the rest of your creations)
Chris =]

Melinda c said...

he is looking good. I just dont do good with paper just cracks everytime I do it....for Malice I used polymer clay and was more comfortable with it.

Val said...

I love him!!!

jillytacy said...

Oh I always seemed to be drawn to rabbits and a zombie rabbit is even better! He's going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product. I started my zombie but haven't gotten very far yet.