Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Check your IN BOX!

My Needful things post is online HERE.  Please read it.  Everyone should read everyone else's!  You never know who you will be swapping around with......

In preparation of the swap, I've emailed a reply required to everyone playing along.  Please email me back asap.....let's get ready to CRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

grab the badge and join the fun!/CLOSED!

A New Year calls for a New SWAP!  So I cordially invite you to: 

                            THE NEEDFUL THINGS SWAP!

Not to be confused with the scary novel (but TOTALLY inspired by it,) The Needful Things swap is all about those things you can't seem to live without.  Not BIG things...little things.  Things that make you smile. Things that make you squeal with glee.  Things that make you do a little happy dance.    

For example:

1.  Needful things can be frivolous but useful....like those funky little pincushions in my sewing room or the beautiful hank of yarn just waiting to be made into a scarf.  
2.  Needful things can be quirky...like the zombie dolls I love because they are the perfect combination of cute and creepy. 
3.  Needful things can be characteristic...like my need to move turtles out of the road so some jerk doesn't squash them. 

Read how it works to see if you want to play along:

First, you need to do a little post about yourself and schedule it for February 1st on your regular blog.
Instead of jotting down a list of stuff you like, you will write 20 sentences that start with "I Need" and then write what it is and why you need it or need to do it.    Add pictures if you'd like.  

This is a SECRET SWAP so the post encourages you to tell us a little bit about yourself.  This in turn, will help your partner create a great package that you will love.   You will be amazed how much you can tell someone about yourself in just 20 sentences.  

Use your post to tell us things you like to do, stores you frequent, colors you like, what hobbies you have, things you collect, treats you can't resist,  etc.  Remember, these are little things.  You may not even realize how essential these little things are to you, so take a good look at your post and edit it before scheduling. 

What we are swapping:

The package needs to be worth/valued at $30.00.
The package needs to have a minimum of 6 "needful things" and ONE of these things has to be handmade.  (It doesn't matter how you break down the cost.  Buy 1 nice thing and make everything else; make 1 nice thing and buy everything else; spend a few bucks per item; etc. )

Then, you need to wrap each item up individually and include a note to your partner.
This is supposed to be a pretty package, not a "thrown together, helter skelter, cram-it-in-a-box and forget-it" type of package.  

As always, my swaps are meant to challege your creativity, not bust your budget.  That being said, your package should be valued at $30 dollars BEFORE shipping.  If you regift, the item needs to be new, clean and worthy of regifting.  (I got something once that had a stain on it.  Gross.)  

Because shipping has gotten outrageously expensive, this is a USA only swap.  

The join by date is January 25th.  I will email your partner info the following week.
The blog post date is February 1st. 
The ship by date is February 22nd.  Please use delivery confirmation or priority mail so you can track your packages.

Okay, so if you want to join along, simply email me your name and address at valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I'll reply and then send an email confirming everyone right before the swap.  You'll need to reply to any emails I send during the course of the swap.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Owl Lover's Calender

             Once again, I'm posting about the wonderful calender offered here.

As always, they have some beautiful images to choose from.  Like this one.....

There are several images to choose from so you can customize your own!