Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excuse the interruption!

Okay ladies....ALL January swaps have been received so the sidebar is empty again. Remember to email me when you start shipping out your February swaps, okay!

Because of the possibility of my emails going into a SPAM folder, I am going post partners here at the beginning of each month...just to be safe!

For February:

Val swaps with Missy
Sandy swaps with Sherry
Ramie swaps with Robin
Melinda swaps with Natalie
Kerry swaps with Kim
Jeanne swaps with Jenny
Courtney swaps with Gin
Niki swaps with Anna

1 comment:

Ruhammie said...

Thanks for posting the info here. I've got my "prototype fairy" complete and will begin the real deal tomorrow! Yee! I'm excited to make another one.