Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knitting Octo Ornie

Look at all these goodies that Little Messy Missy sent me! She said I know her well, well...I could say the same! Along with the ornie, there's Utah chocolate truffles, yarn, knitting needles she made with octopus pics on the ball end, an octo-chic bookmark and an octo suncatcher. I was actually eyeballing the paintable sun catchers at JoAnn's the other day to make one with toddler who will turn 4 tomorrow! She must have read my mind. And look at the knitting octopus ornament....it is AWESOME!! Look below...
I would have never thought of using this medium....I don't remember what it's called, but it's that clear resin type stuff that I've seen used in miniature's for ponds and rivers and stuff. She layered the sand, the seaweed, the octopus, her yarn balls and the pearl beads all in different layers so that it's dimensional. SO COOL!! I gotta get me some of this stuff and play around with it too.

Thanks Missy, for the wonderful goodies AND inspiring me to try something new!


val said...

neat neat neat! I love the creativity used with that medium!

Something Special said...

What a great package, I simply adore Utah truffles. Very fun octy stuff!