Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sigmund . . .

I've been having a lot of fun with Val's "Year of Enchantment" swap. Where every month there is a new theme for making ornaments for our swap partners.
My contribution to August's "Year of Enchantment" swap hosted by Valerie was August's theme was: OCTUPI.
At first I thought - yipes - these are some seriously small tentacles to work with, but once I got the hang of it - it was a breeze and fun to do!
My partner Courtney loves Brown/Pink color combos and I knew that's what I'd make!

I loved how it turned out! I sent some extras - Swedish Red Fish gummy candies and glittered "C" fridge magnets.
Lucky us - we've been paired up on a handful of swaps and Courtney makes the most creative stuff.
Here's what I got from Courtney . . . so caute! :)

A female blue octupi with a sweet lil' pink bow in her hair and green sequins! My extras are a travel tin sewing kit and some doll yarn hair which I can use. Thank you so much Courtney! :) I love everything! :)

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Louisiana Momma said...

THANKS SANDY!! Im slow these days and didn't get to posting the pics of what you sent me.. but I love it all.. the kids and i really enjoyed those fish and they were so upset when we had eaten them all!! *hugs*