Thursday, September 30, 2010

October's theme!


October ornament: Owl

October's challenge:
create yourself a Holiday (any holiday) garland incorporating the enchanted theme in your design.

October's activity:
during the month of October, put leftover breads, popcorn, etc. into a baggie and store in the freezer.

The last day of the month, take all the goodies you've stored up and go to a nature trail, park or into the woods and leave it for the birds and other critters to enjoy.

Val & Missy B.
Sandy & Shawnee

Melinda & Courtney

Sherry & Kim

Kerry & Gin

Nikki & Robin

Jenny & Ramie

Michele & Natalie

He respects Owl, because you can't help respecting anybody who can spell Tuesday, even if he doesn't spell it right.
A.A. Milne

September Door Prize Winner!!

This month's door prize winner is : SHAWNEE!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck in the October drawing!! I will get your package mailed out to you asap Shawnee. I will get your addy from Val!!

Also - Sept theme was mice.. so in that spirit I wanted to show a video clip of my all time favorite scene from Tom and Jerry (the most famous cat and mouse of all time) and my fav of their cartoons with Tom in a Zoot Suit!! Watch and get a quick laugh:


The winner of September's extra doorprize....the "cheese please" mosaic tray is GIN!

Congratulations Gin, I'll get it shipped out next week!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love my Mieces to Pieces!

I completely got spoiled this month.
Kerry made these adorable spool mice.
Aren't they just so cute, and then the trim
wrapped around the spools is just wonderful!

She also made a way cute pincushion and
two mice ornaments. Both are creative
and made so nicely. I love them all to pieces!

There was also a very lovely scrapbooking embellishment from 
Making memories and two very wonderful fall tassels that she made with
ribbons and little scarecrow figurines.
And everything was packaged so nicely, it was a treat just opening the box.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

eek! they are everywhere

What cute little enchanted mouses are showing up in everyones mail. And mine from Melinda are just adorable!

Also she sent me my name in fabric, how neat! And, an autumn fabric panel, some tea and tea cookies,and a Christmas mouse stamp.
Thank you Melinda, you rock too!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Miss Mousie

Here is Little Miss Mousie I received from Courtney. Isn't she sweet? Courtney also sent me this fun yarn. I have never heard of Kalahari yarn before so it will be fun to work something new up with it. Maybe wrist warmers or a little hat?  Thanks Courtney, I love everything!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


September was a fun theme!

Here is what I made for Jenny...since she loves pin ups, I had to add a few things to scratch that itch! A tote for books, a Hilda apron hook, flying pig bookmark, tea, bath salts... sorry you can't see well in this photo.

Here is the mouse I made first using this teeny pattern. I thought my fingers were going to fall off but it turned out REALLY cute so I'm glad I did it!
I crocheted a wee little scarf for this month's challenge.

Here is the cutie she sent me.....she said this wee little mouse got into the cheese nog!

the other goodies were packed into the most perfect of all tins. Cards and earrings and a notebook with a "V" on never see those.
She even included some vintage cinnamon gum that is guaranteed to get your creativity flowing...too funny but I don't think I'll try chewing it!

See the yarn? Oh yeah, I'll be making something yummy with that soon.

Thank you Jenny, you ROCK!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I sent this to my partner Kerry

When I thought of mice, my mind automatically
went to Christmas mice, so I pulled out the pattern
I designed and made for my craft business in the 80's.
I just needed to make mine Christmasy all around.

I found a little book that had a Christmas mouse
poem, and added a vintage mouse ornament
I made, swedish fish, earrings tags and trims.

I wonder if anyone else's mind went to Chrismas
mice for this month. I guess I am just trying to
rush fall and Christmas, because I love it so much.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gin! The pictures say it all!!!!!

Mice and lace and ribbons and fabric and chocolate.....big breath in.......and a toy for cooper....You rocked the mice Gin..Thank you so much. Your package should be there any minute..........

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept Package from Missy

Oh. My. Goodness.

Missy is SO talented and generous. I am just totally blown away by the YOE mouse package she sent, I cannot even express it. THANK YOU MISSY! She has set the bar WAY HIGH. My out of town company is leaving in the next day or two and I'll wrap up your box.

I must tell you that this apron with the hand-stitching is just the sweetest thing ever.

And the little mouse-y jewelry and magnet--- aDORable!

Then the ornament ... wow. This is only my second YOE and, wow, again.

And the crown on the mouse pincushion ... love it!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again! YOE swappers are The Most Creative!!!


Sept package received!!!!

I got a VERY lovely package from Robin! Check it out:

The birdie item in the middle is a great potholder that I have already tested out :-)  It works quite well!! Also, it's hard to tell in the pic- but that fuzzy black thing is a mouse made out of fun fiber.. there was three of them, but my daughter got the black one and was the only one that would bring it back to me for a picture :-)  The boys have hid the other two from me! lol  The mouse on the far right is MINE!  I have him hanging right by my computer so I can see him every day.  In the upper lefthand corner is the card that came with the package.  Isn't it lovely!! I am keeping it to use in paper crafts :-)

Thank you so much Robin it was awesomesauce!! I will be putting yours in the mail tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheese please?

Guess what this month's 'extra' door prize is?

It is a mosaic cheese tray just perfect for this month's theme!!!!!

I had such fun making this little tray which comes with an acrylic liner that you slip in so the food doesn't dirty the design. could simply put it to use somewhere on your patio or in your garden or on a shelf or......well, you get the idea.

So...if you've not won a door prize yet, please leave a comment and maybe this guy can come home to live with you!

I'll be doing the drawing on September 30th!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Jenny sent me the most amazing octopus swap box!!
I cannot believe she FOUND an octopus necklace (actually made it from a charm!!!!). I had been searching for one for her and had no luck but there one was in MY box. She just made it all so special.

The altered Bingo card is adorable,
and I smiled at her flying pig touch. Now, I'd know this box was from her no matter what, but then that PINUP PILLOW
would seal the deal. We've swapped before and are both vintage-pinup fans. Isn't it SO cute! Referencing the phase, that pinup cutie does NOT have cooties!!

She also tucked in some delicious scone mix

And isn't that cute octopus fabric
... the ideas are roaming there: apron? bag? quilt? hmmmm, I have no idea but love the possibilities.

Of course, the most personal is this sweet hand-stitched octopus.

I see her love and care in every stitch.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheese Glorious Cheese ...

And a little sneak peek!!!!

I'm really enjoying and having a ton of fun with Mouse Month !!!! Hope y'all are too:-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

My octopi from Niki!!!!

What a cute little package I got....Niki made fabric and beaded octopi for my enchanted is a close up of the bead work....

I really had fun partnering up Niki and thank you for the hard work you put into your ornaments...they are wonderful!

I always appreciate the work that goes into beading....especially since I dont do much of it and these little guys are just sweet...She also made me some cute paper ornaments or they could be tags too, but I am going to use them as ornaments.....Some sewing pins, which I always need, a little wallet that is in my fave colors and a wristlet pin cushion.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So...I was going through my photo's cuz I clean out my computer photo folder regularly and came across this one...My "Angel Snail" from Valery!! I forgot to post about it because I recieved during the hectic month of August (at least it was for me), so here it all is...There's more bath salt, seashells, flower seeds, a bookmark, a little box sign and a lavender sachet. THANK YOU VAL for being my angel. I LOVE my little burlap snail! He's PERFECT!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept Door Prize

I am hosting the door prize for this month.. I have several of these kits - I have one in progress right now.. It includes almost everything you need - EVEN THE NEEDLE!! The only thing it doesn't have is the stuffing, but that can be easily purchased.  Leave a comment if you want to be included in the drawing (and you haven't already won a door prize);-)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Let me introduce you.....

To Olivia the Octopus and her little purple octofriend (who my daughter is trying desperately to get her grubby, little paws on!!!)

This is the treasure I opened when my package arrived from Val.............. I was extremely spoilt!!!!

Together with the cute octopi, I got the most gorgeous, wooly pink flower brooch - it will look so pretty on a winter jacket. I also recieved a handpainted octopus box - this is my new treasure box - it's lovely. Some Mardi Gras beads (I was actually eyeing out my sisters collection while we were visiting her in the UK), some bath salts, the cutest whale hairclip, a new bookmark, and a lovely ceramic plackard that has found a home in our guest bathroom.

Thank you so much Val for spoiling me - you really brought a smile to my day:-)

Think pink!

I love my octopus package from Sherry. Who could not resist these 2 cute pink octopus. Pink, one of my very favorite colors!!
Sherry also sent me some cute handmade octopus  note cards. And some octopus shaped candy and shark snack crackers. Some of my kids were here when the mail came and claimed the food part of my package.They were like kids in a candy store with these octopus candies! YUM YUM.
Thank you Sherry. It was a great package!

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Winner

Drum roll please.............................................

the WINNER for the August Door Prize is

Michele A

these adorable Pears and all the other goodies will be coming your way soon - remember I'm posting from Australia so may take 7-10 days.

Congratulations & Enjoy xxx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Speaking of mice...

Speaking of mice I ran across a beautiful little blog with some great inspiration... have a look-see!

Sigmund . . .

I've been having a lot of fun with Val's "Year of Enchantment" swap. Where every month there is a new theme for making ornaments for our swap partners.
My contribution to August's "Year of Enchantment" swap hosted by Valerie was August's theme was: OCTUPI.
At first I thought - yipes - these are some seriously small tentacles to work with, but once I got the hang of it - it was a breeze and fun to do!
My partner Courtney loves Brown/Pink color combos and I knew that's what I'd make!

I loved how it turned out! I sent some extras - Swedish Red Fish gummy candies and glittered "C" fridge magnets.
Lucky us - we've been paired up on a handful of swaps and Courtney makes the most creative stuff.
Here's what I got from Courtney . . . so caute! :)

A female blue octupi with a sweet lil' pink bow in her hair and green sequins! My extras are a travel tin sewing kit and some doll yarn hair which I can use. Thank you so much Courtney! :) I love everything! :)