Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zom-bee Challenge

I planned to participate in this year's zombie challenge but have been procrastinating a bit. I've had a zombie picture in my head for a couple of years that I have yet to create. I knew it would be perfect for this challenge. I've been envisioning a bumblebee that has been zombified; you know a zom-bee.  I wanted to use paperclay but have been nervous about giving it a go, hence why I dragged my feet on this challenge.
This is my first go with paperclay and I'm glad I finally gave it a try. It took a few hours to create him so now I'm trying to wait patiently while he dries. Once he's dry I can paint him black, yellow and bloody! I'm  anxious to finish him and add him to my horde of zombie dolls.


Kerry said...

I LOVE him !!!!
Oh my goodness, he's going to be phenomenal once he's been painted ..... cant wait to see the final result.
Bet you're a paper clay convert now :-)

A Little Creation said...

Zom-bee, Nice!

Chris =]