Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yay for Independance Crafting!

 Independence or in other words, doing something you've wanted to do, was a great theme for me as I have so many projects I want to do or plan to complete someday. Since it's summer I tried to take advantage of my time off and create this month. There are more details on my regular blog, which has been sitting unused, empty and lonely for the last few months. I'll try to be better about posting both here and there on a more regular basis.

This is a scarf made from neckties, inspired by a scarf that had been created by a Boston based designer. You can see her amazing work here. Creating necktie scarves was harder than I thought it would be so this sat unfinished for two years. I finished/refinished two this month.

I also created a little pillow using scraps and a little stitchery that I had finished a couple of years ago. Another unfinished project done.  :)

I created a new reversible bag using fabric from my stash. I have a bunch more cut and ready to sew.

Lastly, I made a carbage bag to harness all of the trash and wrappers that accumulate in a mom's car. It's been fun crafting, creating and completing unfinished projects!  Yay for the independance theme!

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Yarni Gras! said...

Jill, you outdid yourself! I don't know what I like the is all awesome!