Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Quilt .....

Whew ..... talk about squeaking in, with not too much time to spare !!!!
I'm here to share this quilt that I made for my daughter .........
Now ..... I loved piecing the top ...... I loved sewing on the binding (that's like therapy to me) ...... BUT I hated doing the machine quilting !!! Too much bulkiness to fit through a little space ..... It drove me nuts !!!!
I'm happy with the result, and so is my daughter :-)

I used nine 16"x16" squares of different fabric. She loves tattoo art, and that was how I chose the center square of fabric. I used 21/2" sashes of black fabric between the rows.

I went for a plain black backing ..... it was the only fabric I could find that was wide enough, and didn't require me to have a joining seam somewhere in it. I love the red binding ..... matches the roses in that center block.
I just quilted it, by sewing 1/2" around the inside of each square, and then again 1/2" around the outside of each square.

Here she is, all wrapped up ...... must be a pretty serious text message she'd just received !!!!

So ladies ... how are your blankety creations coming along? Can't wait to see what you have to share :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Craft along success!

For a more in depth version of this post, check it out at my blog.   

I got a charm pack and made this wee blanket using the tutorial I linked to in the announcement post.  

I thought it would work for me but is too small....maybe I'll use it as a gift.

I still had all my sewing stuff out so decided make another, bigger one that I can use.  (Thanks for the charm pack last year, Jill!)  I had plenty of fabric in my stash to round it out and make it larger.

So, month one is a success.....I hope y'all like what I have in mind for FEBRUARY!

Monday, January 19, 2015

January Craft Along - A Little Creation

  This months craft along was making a lap blanket. Since I do not use a sewing machine my only option was to do a no sew fleece blanket. Which wasn't a real hardship, I really like using the fleece, it's comfy without being overly hot and I happen to have the fabric sitting in the cabinet.  Extra points for also completing a project.
  I tried two of the no-knot examples off of pinterest, but didn't like them so I went with the standard knot tying, it doesn't bother me (or the cat). I used 2 1/2 yards of no pilling patterned fleece with a complementary solid background. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. It's the perfect size for cuddling up in my recliner.

Chris =]


Saturday, January 10, 2015

sneak a peek.....

me thinks I'll try.....

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January's theme and giveaway!

Baby its COLD outside!
So what do you do when it is soooooo cold outside you want to stay and snuggle down in the house?

You create a warm and cozy space...maybe drink some cocoa or coffee and read a book.

This month's challenge is to help you do just that!  Create a small lap blanket to help keep you (or someone else) warm.  When I say small, I mean it....don't overwhelm yourself with a large project. The idea is to make it THIS month so you can use it this winter.  Considering winter lasts a mere 2 months here in Louisiana, I'm starting on mine TODAY!

For hooky folks, crochet or knit a lap afghan.
Sew a super simple baby quilt for someone who is expecting  Here is a quick tutorial.
For non sewers, try a quick fleece blanket where you cut and tie two pieces of fleece together.
Backed flannel blankets with no batting can be cozy, just finish with pre-made blanket edging.
Work a simple blanket stitch around a piece of pre printed fleece

WHATEVER it is you choose, post it here by the end of the month and I'll put your name in a hat for this little giveaway.     Among the goodies, there is another hand made angel, and some tags I punched from beautiful calenders I've been saving the last few years.  

here is a close up of the tags....most are glittered and all are beautiful.  If I did paper crafts, I would keep them for myself!!!

Happy crafting and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Voting is closed!

Happy New Year!

The winner of the vote is 


Here is how it will work:

Each month, I'll post what the theme is. Each month will be different.  You will have the rest of the month to create it and post it here.   At the end of the month, we can all come and see what everyone made.  Feel free to post on your own blog too...I know I will!

You can come and go as you please, participating in as many (or few) months as you like.
I have a few swaps planned pay attention!!!!

At the end of the month, I'll put all participant's names into a basket and pull for a drawing.

If you are new here and don't have blogging rights yet, just email me and I'll invite you.
If you do NOT blog but want to play along, that is fine too.  Just email me.  I can always post a photo for you.
My email is valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com

Now grab the badge and post it to your sidebar and let's get crafting!!!!