Friday, September 1, 2017

This year's theme is:

"Partying Zombies!"

This is INVITATION ONLY!  If you played before and would like to play again leave a comment with your info and I'll contact you.

You will create one zombie doll in their party attire.    
Then add a minimum of 3 tuck ins to round out the package.
The add ins need not be handmade.  They can be purchased, thrifted, re gifted, etc as long as they can be used at Halloween and are clean and undamaged. 

Please reply as soon as possible so I can announce partners. 

If you want to play, in your response please give me your:
1. Name and  address
2. List of three party scenarios for your partner to choose from (wedding, prom, etc)
3. Colors you decorate with for Halloween 
4. Pick either "creepy" or "cute" style
5. List what you decorate with at Halloween

The ship date is the last week of September so please respond within 48 hours.


Debbie Walter said...

I'm so excited that we are swapping again this year!! I am in :0)

Clare said...

I have been waiting for this swap. I am in!

Melinda c said...

I'm in.....