Thursday, October 12, 2017

A giddy thanks to Chris

preparing for the wee hurricane that was about to hit us, i ran out of the house to go check the mail because i received an email that the t-shirt i had been waiting on had been delivered.  i was thrilled to find another package in there. i tossed the t-shirt bag aside and dug in. i was filled with glee as i discovered my little Dia de los Muertos party goer inside. 

Absolutely ADORABLE!

i was just so tickled to find the other goodies inside -- fun fabric tape, a sweet little skeletal fairy, a Tim Burtonesque snake on a tree, and a pocket-sized Oogie Boogie which i immediately chased my 12 year-old daughter around the room with.

after taking a moment to post a quick thanks on Chris's post, it was back to work.

i have yet to try the cutely packaged orange candies, but do enjoy answering my kids when they ask, "what are these?" with a deadpan "mine," and have made sure to point out to my son that the little puffy clay skulls are NOT over-sized Lucky Charms.  so the storm came and left with minimal damage but plenty of moving plants, patio furniture, and Halloween decor back into place. i apologize for taking a while to getting around to sharing my joyful thanks. it took me 3 days to get around to opening up that t-shirt.


Clare said...

There is nothing like a Halloween package in the mailbox! Love the doll and other goodies!

Yarni Gras! said...

What an awesome package!!! I love it all!

A Little Creation said...

I'm glad you like it all and that nothing super serious happened to you and your family during the hurricane.
Chris =]

Debbie Walter said...

So cute!! Love it.

Kerry said...

Love it !!!
Glad you were safe 😀