Tuesday, July 24, 2018

2018 Zombie Doll Swap

Registration is CLOSED...try again next August!

It's that time of year again!   I'm hosting my annual Zombie Doll Swap!  Grab the badge and spread the word!!!

This year's theme: " EMPLOYABLE ZOMBIES!"

This swap will make you look at your waitress, repairman, pool boy, doctor, personal trainer, banker and hairdresser (this list could get seriously long) in a whole new light!  Just thinking of a zombie with a name tag on cracks me up for some reason.  Maybe you have a co-worker you'd like to turn in to a zombie for some reason....well, here's your chance!

Here is what we are swapping:  

You will create one "EMPLOYABLE" zombie doll for your partner and then add a minimum of 3 tuck ins to round out the package.
Please give your zombie doll a NAME TAG of some kind.   
*The add ins need not be handmade.  They can be purchased, thrifted, re gifted, etc as long as they are clean and undamaged. 

This is a USA swap only.
The sign up close date is August 11th so I can announce partners the following week.  I retain the right to close the swap early if I choose.
If interested, please don't wait to join up.

Ship date is September 22nd so the dolls can arrive to their new home by the 1st week of October.

If you want to join, leave a comment here and then email me at valpowery(at) yahoo(dot)com with the answers to these questions:

1. Name and address
2. List of 3 occupations for your partner to choose (one) from. 
3. Colors you decorate with for Halloween 
4. Choose either "creepy" or "cute" style
5. List what you decorate with at Halloween
6. List any things you collect or hobbies you have for "tuck in" ideas.

Please read:

My swaps are made to encourage creativity, not bust the bank.  That being said, your package should equate to about 30 bucks before shipping.  Please create a zombie doll that you feel certain your partner will adore.  Also, be considerate when wrapping items for shipping.    
When shipping, I suggest using tracking.  If the doll does not arrive within 10 business days, you will be responsible for making and sending a NEW zombie doll package.  Any flakers will be banned from future swaps.


Debbie Walter said...

I am in!! I'm so glad we are doing this again :0)

jillytacy said...

Sign me up. . .I wouldn't miss it! I love this and look forward to this swap every year. This theme is going to be so much fun!

ksuscrapper said...

Please sign me up! I love participating in your swaps! :)

Yarni Gras! said...

Y’all have to email me in order to sign up😂

Tina Padilla said...

What part has to be hand made?

Debbie said...

Tina, we make the zombie based on the theme 😀So it is handmade

Clare said...

I'm in. I'm glad I checked this tonight . . . I love this swap!