Sunday, May 30, 2010

I couldn't wait any longer to announce June's theme! I've also emailed everyone their new partner information. Please email one another if you need too. Also, remember that all ornies must be hand made.

June ornament:

June challenge:
to create a gnome toy/doll to use over the next couple of months.
I encourage everyone to do this month's challenge. I can't tell you WHY yet.

June activity:
place a "toad abode" in your garden near a leaky faucet.
A flower pot tipped on its side works great...the frogs and toads will thank you during the hot days of summer. If you do this, please post photos for us all to see!

"...because garden gnomes dance 'round the toadstool at night, singing merry little cheerful songs."

June's partners!

Val & Courtney
Robin & Kim
Nikki & Missy B.
Anna & Gin
Sandy & Kerry
Jenny & Natalie
Sherry & Missy H.
Ramie & Melinda


Kimberly Cherrine-Bell aka. greenhoneyhive said...

Thank you for the wonderful theme for this month!!! I love it!!! My husband just bought me a 1957 13' camper trailer and I am going to join Sisters on the Fly ( registered and just need to send in the dues to get my number.We are decorating the camper in Gnome theme and she is called "Gnome Dome" so I am so stoked for this theme... YEAH!!! I LOVE GNOMES!!!!

Kerry said...

This is one cute theme..... I can't wait to get started!!!!

Ruhammie said...

ooOOooh!! This will push me to finish my Alan Dart knitted gnome. He's been on the needles for a few years! :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I love Gnomes :)