Monday, May 31, 2010

My Mermaids...

I have just realized that I never shared the mermaids I made for my partner - Missy H:-)
The mermaid theme really made me think and step out of my little comfort bubble, and I'm so glad I did!!!
I LOVE the way the 2 pretty ladies (can they be classed as that....hmm, I wonder:-) turned out.

The bigger one I made out of paper and the smaller one is made out of Shrinky Dink Plastic. They both have faces I molded using Sculpey and Sculpey Push Molds - I liked the 3D effect that gave. Then I just prettied them up with beads, hair, rhinestones and glitter. I think I may make myself some once summer really starts and the kids are out of school ......... the last 2 weeks of school is keeping me very busy:-)

I just wanted to share those with everyone before I start on my gnome:-)

My pot is soaking as we speak - it will magically turn into a toad abode tomorrow. Hopefully it wont be on the market too long before a big (or small) warty friend decides it fits his needs and moves in:-)

Have an enchanted evening.


Annesphamily said...

Those mermaids are so delightful! You really have such a talent. Thanks for sharing. Anne

Something Special said...

Very Very artsy indeed. You used some unusual mediums and they turned out great!

Anonymous said...

thank you Kerry! I love my mermaids!

XO, Missy H