Monday, May 31, 2010

My Mermaids...

I have just realized that I never shared the mermaids I made for my partner - Missy H:-)
The mermaid theme really made me think and step out of my little comfort bubble, and I'm so glad I did!!!
I LOVE the way the 2 pretty ladies (can they be classed as that....hmm, I wonder:-) turned out.

The bigger one I made out of paper and the smaller one is made out of Shrinky Dink Plastic. They both have faces I molded using Sculpey and Sculpey Push Molds - I liked the 3D effect that gave. Then I just prettied them up with beads, hair, rhinestones and glitter. I think I may make myself some once summer really starts and the kids are out of school ......... the last 2 weeks of school is keeping me very busy:-)

I just wanted to share those with everyone before I start on my gnome:-)

My pot is soaking as we speak - it will magically turn into a toad abode tomorrow. Hopefully it wont be on the market too long before a big (or small) warty friend decides it fits his needs and moves in:-)

Have an enchanted evening.


The names have been verified................. by Boy Child.

See them all there in the drawing basket!!!

The winners name is very professionally drawn by Girl Child.

See, she's not even able to peek into the basket!!!

And the winner is......

Proudly displayed by Boy Child..... who was adamant that he wanted to be the announcer!!!!
Val if you can email me your address, I'll get the package into the mail and on it's way to you :-)
Have fun making you gnomes everyone............... the theme couldn't be any cuter if it tried!!!!

Mermaid Tutorial

If anybody is curious how I made my metal mermaid for Valery, I blogged about her and her enchanting entry into our world. There's a few other mermaid sites I mention as well that are fun to glance at...

I enjoy gnomes almost as much as I enjoy mermaids!! (but not quite, mermaids are my ultimate favorite!) June's challenge of creating a gnome for the rest of the year has inspired me to finish a gnome I started two years Alan Dart knitted gnome. He'll be a cutie! But I just might have to find a ceramic one to paint up as well. :) I REALLY dig those ceramic ones!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I couldn't wait any longer to announce June's theme! I've also emailed everyone their new partner information. Please email one another if you need too. Also, remember that all ornies must be hand made.

June ornament:

June challenge:
to create a gnome toy/doll to use over the next couple of months.
I encourage everyone to do this month's challenge. I can't tell you WHY yet.

June activity:
place a "toad abode" in your garden near a leaky faucet.
A flower pot tipped on its side works great...the frogs and toads will thank you during the hot days of summer. If you do this, please post photos for us all to see!

"...because garden gnomes dance 'round the toadstool at night, singing merry little cheerful songs."

June's partners!

Val & Courtney
Robin & Kim
Nikki & Missy B.
Anna & Gin
Sandy & Kerry
Jenny & Natalie
Sherry & Missy H.
Ramie & Melinda

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remember the lego picture?

Well here it is transformed!

Most of you were right in guessing egss, carrots and donuts - Robin made these felt food for my little 14 month old son! Isn't she a treasure! He just LOVES them!

And here is my gorgeous mermaid ornaments made out of felt and embroidered: Isn't she just sweet!
Thanks Robin, love my beautiful package, you are most kind! xxxN

What Michele A. sent to Kim C.

Here is my mermaid ornament, made of heavy chipboard and paper.  Embellished with micro-beads, glass glitter and tiny shells and jewels. 
I also made some earrings fit for a mermaid and put them on a look-a-like tag.
Added some tiny little salt and pepper shakers on a tiny tray.
Then put in a small teacup and saucer from occupied Japan, a set of three hand embroidered old doilies, and a tag with some special lace wrapped around it. Can't wait to find out what she thinks of it.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I sent Sherry :-)

Miss Sherry has been a little under the weather, BUT she did get her package.. so I thought I would post the contents of the package I sent  her for you all to see :-)

This is the ornament I sent her.. it's embroidered from a BadBird pattern with some vintage lace as a hanger:

I also sent her this bag of lace for her stash:

And this necklace I made with a handblown glass pendant.. the colors reminded me of water.. to go along with the mermaid theme..

Finally I sent this necklace earring set.. the pendant is hard to see in the pic, but it's green shell.. also going along with the theme.. guess I was in a jewelry making kinda mood :-)

I can't wait to get started on the next theme.. this on-going swap has been awesome and Val is a doll for all the hard work she puts in for us :-) Hugs to Val!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here comes the sun......

Here is the bird bath I made for May's challenge:

I love how it turned out :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I got my mermaid ornament today from Ramie!

Isn't she AMAZING! I love her 'lady parts' and hair!

Ramie also sent me a starfish candy dish and yummy chocolates (which are in the freezer getting hard again)....a sweet mermaid pouch with jewels...see it on her wrist?

some mermaid papers...much too pretty to use!

Fun fabric...and....a wonderful toadstool panel!

I love EVERYTHING and feel so very spoiled.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Songbird Delight

I received my package a couple weeks ago for the last swap. You can see all the fun goodies she sent. I love it all, but the cute ipod case is getting the most use. I love it! Thanks so much, Natalie, for making this a fun one! XOXO's on it's way :)

I was playing in a photo editor  that allows you to turn your pictures into Legos. Since I know what is in the picture I can tell what everything is but it's still fun.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My April Package Arrived!!

I got my April package from Missy H on Friday... It was packaged so pretty and this time I managed to take a picture before I ripped it open:

And here are the awesome goodies that were inside the pretty package - a applique tea towl, a bookmark, pretty pink beads, tea, and a pretty stuffed bird ornie:

Thanks Missy!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a little birdie......

I got Kim's April package in the mail Thursday and about fell OVER. I've never been so overwhelmed!

The birdies she made me were lovely....

and so were THESE birdies she made...

but she also sent these ornies....

along with TONS of other goodies...too many to mention....stash bits, candy, baubles for mosaics, stickers, vintage papers, candles, appliques...

all lovingly packed into 2 of her hand made ornament boxes!

oh, and don't think I forgot the APRON you saw under the 2 birdies!

Isn't it adorable! Thank you SO much Kim!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perfect Timing (Update)

There's been a few posts since I blogged about my package arriving yesterday. Now that I have a bit of time, heres some pics of my fabulous goodies...first my mermaid...
Isn't she wonderful!!! I just love how it's all put together!! And everything in the rest of package was blue! So fun! Blue beads, blue flower seeds (Morning Glorys), blue mardi gras beads (love!), blue crocheted covered notebook (SO soft!), blue book mark, blue bath salt....oh, the oyster shell wasn't quite blue, all the way down to the blue tissue paper, confetti and filler Easter grass!!!
Thank you Val for such a wonderful themed package. My mermaid is just beautiful! Your package is on it's way!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Girl Goes Overboard! Yay for Me!

Yesterday, a huge box with this beautiful mermaid label was barely squeezed into my mailbox! It was from my Swap Partner, Missy!

It was filled with loads of goodies, mermaids and more...

Check out this beautiful ornament! The colors are fabulous! I'm afraid my photography doesn't show much of the details. I love the bracelet with legs hanging on her wrist!

And this beautiful book mark makes me want to drive east to the beach. I like to dream that my hair looks like this when I float in the ocean. I have no delusions that my body looks anything like this! A girl can dream!

This beautiful pin will work with so many of my brightly colored outfits! I just love it!

I opened the raspberry chocolates first. I intended to only have one or two and save the rest for later. An hour later, I was hiding the empty box below some papers in the trash! I did wait until today to open the mint truffles. Gone by lunchtime!

I have not opened this yet. I hate to open this and finish it off today, too! Missy even made the jam! Check out the vintage pin up label. Love it!
And, apparently, no package that comes to my house can be mailed without a chicken inside! Don't you love this goofy bird! I sure do!
Thanks Missy! I promise, you will be getting a package from me soon. I have a lot of work to do. You have set the bar high and I'm only 5'3"!

Welcome to our Swap Group!

Sneak peek of Sherry's May Package

Here's a little sneak peek of what is going to be on it's way to Sherry tomorrow ;-)

Perfect timing!

Not but 15 minutes ago, just as I was gathering Val's ornament and goodies and eyeballing the right size box to put it all in the doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs with baby on hip (not an easy nor fast thing to do), answered the door and no one was there! I looked left, then right and saw the mail man a few houses down, so I looked down and what-do-ya know??? A PACKAGE!! WOOHOO! My mermaid and some super fabulous goodies arrived all safe and sound just HOURS before I'm leaving town. That's right, it's 1:00 here and I was heading to my parents around 3ish (it's a three hour drive) and I don't plan on returning until Monday. PERFECT TIMING!! THANK YOU Val for such wonderful goodies and very lovely mermaid!! I will get a pic up if I have time today, still got lots of packing to do, if not today then soon. And mine will be in the mail tomorrow, she's traveling with me to my parents, I'd like to show my mom before she gets sent (that means she turned out veeerrrryy interesting). :)

The Sweetest Flock...

Of lovely Birds flew my way from Sherry's creative nest.

The Christmas cone has the sweetest little bird nesting amongst the greenery and the cute Bluebird is ready to hold my photos or cards. And that little red dumpling of a bird (isn't he adorable?) I have named Mater.
And Sherry, knowing my L♥VE of Halloween, even included a black rose brooch (complete with a skelly head, spider, & mouse) a very majestic looking crow, and the most gorgeous Halloween banner! I wish you could see the workmanship on the banner...absolutely fantastic!

Thank You Sherry!! I L♥VE it all! You spoiled me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My package from jenny!

Just look at all this songbird love....I feel lucky...Thanks so much Jenny!

Monday, May 10, 2010

bit of a tease

While creating havoc lovely ornaments on my dining room table today, it occurred to me that I had not made a teaser these uber close ups will have to do!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Door Prize...

Hello fellow Year Of Enchantment Swappers, here is a little peak at our door prize for May - sorry I didn't post it sooner, but time ran away with me!!!

Up for grabs - a craft tote bag.... the kind you leave in your car with a little something in, to occupy yourself with when you have that spare 10 mins:-)Also, 6 of the little spool dolls I make, with some pretty trim wound round them, and some fat quarters....... all to fit in with the themes we've had so far.

So, if you haven't already won a door prize so far in our swap, and you might like to get this little package in the mail - let me know in the comments block. Also let us all know if your a fabric or fur girl at heart (sewer or knitter/crocheter), as I'm going to include a little suprise something that will be specific to your choice:-)

I'll draw the winner in the last week of May.......Happy mermaid making everyone.