Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swap item revealed "Dressed for Winter"

If you are Shawnee Halligan and have not yet received your package from me, please do not continue reading this if you want to be surprised! I do hope, though, the package arrived as it was due to arrive on the 19th according to the USPS's delivery confirmation receipt.


This is what I made with the items I showed you on my previous post here!

Allow me to introduce you to Snowball Princess Thumbelina:

She's one of a kind free style (no pattern) crocheted original by me - hollow inside, so you can use her as a tree top ornament on a small tree. She stands about 5" tall and her dress is crocheted with glitter yarn, embellished with faux pearl beads and eyelash yarn and she sports a satin ribbon around her 5" waist.

I loved making her as it really inspired my creativity!

Thank you, Valerie, for hosting such a lovely themed Swap. I enjoyed being able to play along!


val said...

so precious! She really is a little princess!

Sherry said...

Very pretty!

Melinda Cornish said...

she is wonderful!