Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Truly Enchanting ....

I recieved my April swap package from Missy a little while ago, but did not open it until today. The reason being that I don't allow myself to open the package I recieve in a swap, until I have sent my package out ..... and this last month ran away with me.

Missy, your package is on its way. Thanks for being so patient:-D

The package I recieved can only be described as enchanting!!! My kids and I have spent the afternoon enthralled by the nest ornament she sent me. Take a look, and you'll understand why.

This is a real birds nest, that fell from a tree in her yard. She glittered it, and gave it an occupant. She put it into a round ornament ball and finished it off with a ribbon hanger. It is truly beautiful. The nest is a perfect cup shape and made of the most delicate sticks perfectly woven together.

Not only was I spoilt with such a treasure, but she included some other lovely treats for me.

Some bird seed - oh, the birds in our yard will be delighted. Some lovely perle embroidery thread and bird embroidery patterns. Rubber stamps, bird charms and a bird in a nest ... hmm, this may just find a home in another gnome garden:-D Then I also got some Peeps .... oh how I enjoy Peeps, and they taste even better when Peeps season is over, yet I still have some to enjoy.

Missy, THANK YOU for spoiling me so. I loved everything you sent me. The ornament will be treasured for a long time to come:-D


val said...

oh this is truly a wonderful surprise. I've found many nests over the years except the elusive teeny one.....lucky girl you are!!!!

jillytacy said...

This bird's nest ornament is so sweet and enchanting! What a great package!

gin said...

I love it!

Little Messy Missy said...

So glad you liked it!