Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Talk Halloween Delicacies ....

Our partners have been assigned, and now we can get down to some creating ...... I don't know about y'all, but I'm pretty excited about this swap !!!!
Browsing through our Halloween pictures from last year, I found those that involved food ........... Let's face it, Halloween is the only holiday that you can serve up the grossist of the gross, and get away with it :-)
So I thought I'd share them with everyone - none of them are difficult, but they certainly caused a few giggles and yuks from everyone.

First up ..... Brain juice with the victims icy skull floating in it !!!! This was a delicious cherry fruit punch. The skull mold was a Wilton one, that I found at Target - it worked like a charm. I actually went and bought 3 more of the molds after Halloween, when they were reduced to pennies. The ice melted pretty fast, so this year, I'll make a few extra molds and then just replace them once they melt.

This was so much fun ..... there were a few people who would not touch this chocolate cake. It was a regular chocolate cake that I baked and iced, and sprinkled with bone shaped sprinkles. The cockroaches are plastic bug toys, that I placed strategically :-)

Bones ..... meringue bones !!!! I whipped up a batch of meringue, and piped bone shapes onto a baking sheet and then baked them. Once cooked and cooled, I lightly dusted them with cocoa powder, to make them look like they were freshly dug up.

Let's see some of your Halloween yummies ....... a girl can never have too many Halloween ideas filed away.
Happy Creating Everyone.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, you make the best halloween stuff! Every single one of these is amazing:D
I wish we had halloween here too...Oh well, we have Sinterklaas to make up for that;)

val said...

cackle, cackle....I gotta post mine too, what a great idea!

jillytacy said...

These are great ideas! As a matter of fact they look disgustingly good, just perfect for Halloween. I'm excited about this swap too!