Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mushroom Mania .....

While I work away on my mushroom creation, I thought I'd share some real beauties with you ....

Texas has had an EXTREMELY wet Spring so far this year ..... the lakes are all full, and we have pools of stagnant water lying everywhere - the ground can soak in no more !!! This seems to have led to an abundance of fungi ... well certainly in our garden. The thrill for me, is that most of them have popped up in my fairy garden ...... Oh the stories I have thought up !!!!
I am nuts about mushrooms and toadstools, I think they are beyond fascinating ......
So here's a little picture show for you, of what we've had appear .... it may even give you a little inspiration for your May creation :-)

I love how frilly this one looks.

My imagination runs wild, with the idea of fairy parties under these cuties, once the stars come out.

Beautiful !!!

These are called Yellow Houseplant Mushrooms .....
The next day, this is what had happened to them ..... sweet, little, bright yellow button tops.

A real little fairy cluster.

So perfectly shaped :-)

Happy crafting ladies :-)

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val said...

I love them all! So cute...just need a gnome home nearby!