Monday, May 25, 2015

Mushrooms And Crochet

Mushrooms .... Toadstools .... Objects of all things fantasy and magical .... I LOVE them :-)
Hmmm .... what to make for this months Mushroom Challenge !!!
I've found my most favorite crochet hooks - they don't hurt my hand when I crochet, and that for me is huge !!! Most favorite hooks, need a special home ....

I made this up as I went along, (using bits and pieces I had on hand) to fit what I needed. An appliqued mushroom front was on the list ....

Both sides of the inside have pockets for hooks ...... I only have 3 of these awesome hooks right now, but my collection will grow as time goes by. I added a length of wool felt - somewhere to put some pins and needles.

I added a zipper pocket to the bag ..... somewhere to keep those little  necessities ... scissors, stitch markers etc.
I finished it all off with binding, and a spotty ribbon tie.
The perfect home, for my most perfect hooks !!!!


A Little Creation said...

what a great bag! The front is adorable.
Chris =]

val said...

wow, that is amazing!