Sunday, October 4, 2009

cackle, cackle!

Now that Sherry got her package, I can share what I sent her........

Here is what I sent her:

"Babylon Candles" from the movie "Stardust"

"Hand-Aids" help multi tasking witches

"Dementia spell"...a favorite of naughty young witches to pester old folks

"Dragon Scales" help witches find treasure

"Soularium"...a place to hoard souls

"Dehagification 'pills'' beautify oneself for a short time

and a "Skelepin" to wear on Halloween while passing out tricks and treats!

The jar of marbles broke during shipping so I am sending her a replacement goodie.....once she gets it, I'll post that too!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Thanks for posting that Val..your a step ahead of me!! I LOVE everything you sent and all of your creative labels!!! This was a very fun swap!!

Thanks again!!