Sunday, October 14, 2012

zombie come, zombie go - the Texas/Pori exchange

Since signing up to Val's awesome zombie swap in August, I've been like a mad professor and laboured over my zombie with a mix of love and obsession, then sent it on its way to Texas.

The deal was that someone else in Texas will do the same and replace my crooked creature with their very own mad creation.

And that is exactly what happened.

The postman rang (three times, like a good postman should) and handed a HUGE box to me. Presenting the goodies inside was zombie Snow White who has the best Tim Burton-esque stare and the softest knitted hands - she is very attached to her poison apple even though I told her she probably ended up dead because of it... She kindly offered me some to taste but I politely refused, telling a white lie of having had my 5-a-day, cheers... She is quite a smart little creature, and very thoughtful too. She's been talking about her creator very fondly and pointed out that she feels very lucky to have been clothed in a warm dress of felted wool under her lace overskirt, as it's considerably colder in Finland than in her birth town in the States. What a sweet creature!

The Texan mad professor who created this kindly zombie girl was Kerry Ann. She revealed how she crafted her in this account here and also wrote a lovely feature of my package starring Zombirella earlier on this Swapper Spot blog - thank you for your praises and your super post Kerry!

I was bowled over by what's been sent - I don't think I ever expected to be so spoiled by Kerry! Again, thank you Kerry for your amazing package, it was like a Christmas in a creepy Christmas to be precise :)

On the other end of the scale, I myself had quite a challenge finding Halloween related things for tuck-ins - in this Nordic country Halloween is somewhat extinct (or rather never really existed) and it's so new here that nobody really celebrates it....for you Americans that must sound unbelieavable, I know.

So I ended up making most of the extra bits and then found one nice jelly sweet called Pihlaja which is made of rowan berries and tastes like Turkish Delights. The other candy I sent was all salmiakki which is so disgusting I had to issue warnings and make a bag labelled 'Trick' to get away with it...

Oh, so you ask what were the tuck-ins Kerry sent me that required such an immensely sized box to be delivered in? Let me be a bit of a tease, and organise another post to show those goodies; hope you guys don't mind :)

Until then, here are the undead lovelies we exchanged for your eyes to feast upon:

Kerry's package and doll for me:

And my doll made for Kerry:

Thank you Val for this great craft swap!


Yarni Gras! said...

I love both of these zombies....that brain you made is awesome!!!!! thanks for joining, hope you join us again!

Sherry said...

Both dolls are great!!