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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sing a Song....

......of zombie birds!

So Sarah and I were partners this round and we both picked the same nursery rhyme.

Here is what Sarah sent me

along with the bird on the pie, she included a bottle of buttons and ribbon that had a blackboard label.  She also send a cute bird cage cut out wrapped with some rick rack and bobble trim.  She added a cute mini gnome kit which I am thinking of zombifying!  Thank you Sarah!!!!

Here is her altered version of the rhyme...

And here is what I sent her..

I forgot to take a photo of the stuff I made before packaging it....I made a bottle full of eyeballs I showed in the sneak peek and other things to go with each verse, along with paper birds for scrap booking, a pie bird and pot pie recipe, the "nose" which wasn't that great looking (haha) along with some honey and Mardi Gras coins and beads for money and jewels.  I also included a copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond because it had the word blackbird in it!  It didn't fit the rhyme but I think it is a great youth book and worth reading.

Here is my take on the rhyme, I put it on a scroll and attached it to the bird's beak.  By the way, the guts will spill out of his stomach, I crocheted them and crammed them well as his brain, which is exposed.  I forgot to take an "aerial" shot!

Apparently, we both also like to bloodify our poems and packaging!!!!


Kerry said...

Awesome packages .... the rhymes are so clever too :-)

Kerry said...

Awesome packages .... the rhymes are so clever too :-)

A Little Creation said...

I love how his inside pieces will all fall out.
Chris =]

jillytacy said...

Great packages. I didn't think to bloody up the poem. That was a good idea!

Linda said...

Lovely and clever.

Debbie said...

What a great package!!!

AutumnWind said...

I LOVE that crow. Fantastic package, so creative :)