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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dawn of The Dumpty

I am in LOVE with my new zombies. Chris spoiled me and sent not one but two zombies!  First she altered a doll to create a Jack and Jill zombie. Well really, Jack didn't make it down the hill, so it's just Jill. I think she ate his brains. Chris also included crafty baubles for mommy & daughter crafting, a book with a handmade bookmark, a mini notebook and a few preschool themed goodies for my preschoolers. 

 Chris was even kind enough to send doggie treats for Chunky and this amazing Rainbow Dodo bird for my daughter.  She loves it!!!!  My daughter and Chunky send their thanks to you Chris!

And if that wasn't already way more than enough, Chris created the most amazing Humpty Dumpty zombie for me. I am totally in L-O-V-E with him! He is amazing! Look at the little card Chris included. . . it reads "Dawn of the Humpty."

Here's Humpty Dumpty in on the nursery rhyme bookshelf along with one of Little Bo Peep's zombie sheep. 
Chris, you really spoiled us! Thank you!!!!


Kerry said...

What a stunning package ..... Ol Mr Dumpty is amazing !!!!
Love the Dodo bird .... so cute !!!

val said...

Awesome fun! I love Humpty!

val said...

Awesome fun! I love Humpty!

A Little Creation said...
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A Little Creation said...

=] =] =] =]

Magic Love Crow said...

So much fun! Great creations!!!

AutumnWind said...

I LOVE it!! Such a great zombie and wonderful package.