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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe ....

Debbie - I am in awe of your talent !!! Wow, there are no words good enough .... the zombie doll you sent me is FANTASTIC !!!

Swappers, I've come to learn (and particularly our group of uber talented zombie queens), are some of the most kind hearted, generous people I've ever met. The package Debbie sent me was an absolute feast for the eyes .... and her attention to detail - awesome.

So hop aboard The Zombie Express,  and join me, as I share my super awesome swap package with y'all ...

 Just look at her ........ Aren't her eyes awesome !!!! She even came with her own stand :-)


 Debbie's adaption of the nursery rhyme was very clever, and I love the way she presented it ...... in an altered book cover. So very clever.

 Next up, a photo album, that Debbie decorated the front of .... perfect for our Halloween Through The Years pictures.

 Lovely crafty goodies ..... some of my favorites :-)

 Debbie even made the card she sent ..... brilliant !!!!

Just look at these chips .... New Orleans Kettle Style VOODOO chips ...... Oh man they are so delicious !!! Don't tell anyone (especially not my kids), but they were my lunch today .... Yum, Yum, Yum ..... Soooo good :-)

Debbie, THANK YOU for an amazing package ..... you've inspired me to keep practicing (hey, I'm not complaining - just think of how many zombies I could have :-), my sculpting skills, so I can keep improving.
Your package made my day !!!!


AutumnWind said...

I am glad it arrived safely!! I'll be sharing what I received tonight. I am really glad you like her. She was so much fun to make!!!

jillytacy said...

Amazing, what a great package!

val said...

what an AWESOME two need to TEACH us!!!!!

A Little Creation said...

The chips are a great find. The doll is pretty awesome too.
Chris =]