Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dawn of The Dumpty

I am in LOVE with my new zombies. Chris spoiled me and sent not one but two zombies!  First she altered a doll to create a Jack and Jill zombie. Well really, Jack didn't make it down the hill, so it's just Jill. I think she ate his brains. Chris also included crafty baubles for mommy & daughter crafting, a book with a handmade bookmark, a mini notebook and a few preschool themed goodies for my preschoolers. 

 Chris was even kind enough to send doggie treats for Chunky and this amazing Rainbow Dodo bird for my daughter.  She loves it!!!!  My daughter and Chunky send their thanks to you Chris!

And if that wasn't already way more than enough, Chris created the most amazing Humpty Dumpty zombie for me. I am totally in L-O-V-E with him! He is amazing! Look at the little card Chris included. . . it reads "Dawn of the Humpty."

Here's Humpty Dumpty in on the nursery rhyme bookshelf along with one of Little Bo Peep's zombie sheep. 
Chris, you really spoiled us! Thank you!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sing a Song....

......of zombie birds!

So Sarah and I were partners this round and we both picked the same nursery rhyme.

Here is what Sarah sent me

along with the bird on the pie, she included a bottle of buttons and ribbon that had a blackboard label.  She also send a cute bird cage cut out wrapped with some rick rack and bobble trim.  She added a cute mini gnome kit which I am thinking of zombifying!  Thank you Sarah!!!!

Here is her altered version of the rhyme...

And here is what I sent her..

I forgot to take a photo of the stuff I made before packaging it....I made a bottle full of eyeballs I showed in the sneak peek and other things to go with each verse, along with paper birds for scrap booking, a pie bird and pot pie recipe, the "nose" which wasn't that great looking (haha) along with some honey and Mardi Gras coins and beads for money and jewels.  I also included a copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond because it had the word blackbird in it!  It didn't fit the rhyme but I think it is a great youth book and worth reading.

Here is my take on the rhyme, I put it on a scroll and attached it to the bird's beak.  By the way, the guts will spill out of his stomach, I crocheted them and crammed them well as his brain, which is exposed.  I forgot to take an "aerial" shot!

Apparently, we both also like to bloodify our poems and packaging!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What an Amazing Package I received

I apologize for not posting more until now!

As I said before, Peter, Peter the Brains Eater arrived here on Monday afternoon and I couldn't wait to see what was inside the package that was sitting on my front step,


Of course Peter was in there, sitting on the pumpkin he has his wife stored in.

So amazingly cool

Then there was an amazing journal complete with really cool zombie pumpkin bookmark/slider

This awesome candy jar was also tucked inside - I had to take the entire package to work to show it off, my co-workers love to hear about these swaps and see what we make. This candy jar may have to go back towork with me. It is just perfect!!!

This amazing zombie head now hangs in my studio. I love this, kind of reminds me of a shrunken head :) Now, those amazing, colorful knitted creations in the background are so cool, I just can't stand it!

My picture doesn't do these justice, not only are they soft and beautiful, the pattern consists of a zombie walking and the word Zombie.

Here is a better picture

Kerry, I LOVE everything! Thank you so much. This was such a fun swap and I love that my zombie collection is growing. My co-workers are so impressed with Peter and his pumpkin full of wife is awesome! As always, you have outdone yourself!!!!

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe ....

Debbie - I am in awe of your talent !!! Wow, there are no words good enough .... the zombie doll you sent me is FANTASTIC !!!

Swappers, I've come to learn (and particularly our group of uber talented zombie queens), are some of the most kind hearted, generous people I've ever met. The package Debbie sent me was an absolute feast for the eyes .... and her attention to detail - awesome.

So hop aboard The Zombie Express,  and join me, as I share my super awesome swap package with y'all ...

 Just look at her ........ Aren't her eyes awesome !!!! She even came with her own stand :-)


 Debbie's adaption of the nursery rhyme was very clever, and I love the way she presented it ...... in an altered book cover. So very clever.

 Next up, a photo album, that Debbie decorated the front of .... perfect for our Halloween Through The Years pictures.

 Lovely crafty goodies ..... some of my favorites :-)

 Debbie even made the card she sent ..... brilliant !!!!

Just look at these chips .... New Orleans Kettle Style VOODOO chips ...... Oh man they are so delicious !!! Don't tell anyone (especially not my kids), but they were my lunch today .... Yum, Yum, Yum ..... Soooo good :-)

Debbie, THANK YOU for an amazing package ..... you've inspired me to keep practicing (hey, I'm not complaining - just think of how many zombies I could have :-), my sculpting skills, so I can keep improving.
Your package made my day !!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shambling your way Spring

  whew! this guy is finally on his way.  he shipped out yesterday to continue the mission bestowed upon him by a certain magical creature...

Peter, Peter the Brains Eater has arrived!

This is a quick post to let Kerry know the package has arrived safely. It is amazing! I will post more later 
The entire package is awesome!!! More pics to come tonight :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I got a box...

 What can I say it was Awesome! I got cute frogs and painted rocks for the garden, a custom zentangled designed tin with new Sharpies!! and cute ribbon (I have to hide the elephant ribbon from Ms.L), color and shape activity lessons for my little preschoolers, an owl inspired notebook and a ZOMBIE SHEEP!!! ((Squeal)).
Jill was so nice I didn't have a favorite rhyme, I asked for a sheep and she made me one. I haven't come up with a name... yet.  
Chris =]

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Somebody Call 911 !!!!

We have some nasty head wounds going on here !!!!!

Clearly the many years I spent taking X rays in ER, left its mark on me !!!

So how's everyone's Zombie making coming along ? I'm at the final putting together mark ...... one more tuck in to make, and Zombie In The Nursery will be on its way ....... this sure has been another fun swap !!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A sneak peek

Sarah knows we are partners....but does she know what I'm up to with these?????

guess she'll just have to wait and SEE!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Take A Guess .....

Oh, I am having sooo much fun with this (and I couldn't be happier - this seems to have jolted my creative mojo back to life ............. it's been lost/gone/absent for so long now, I had begun to fear it would never come back !!!)
I've spent a number of late nights shaping, forming, planning my creation ..... today I reached possibly my most favorite part of any creation ..... THE OUTFIT !!!!
So, not as to give too much away, but at least show you a little something .... here's a little sneak peek .....

Until next time ....... Happy Creating :-)

Wounds: A Zombie Doll Mini Tutorial

Okay let’s talk about wounds; you know, cuts, abrasions, gashes, bites, severed limbs, bloody contusions, etc. All of this grosses me out beyond belief in real life, like to the point that I scream when I get a paper cut and can’t watch violent movies. However, when it comes to zombie making I get excited about the wounds on my creations. Seriously I’m always looking for a new wound to add to my repertoire and I find it relaxing to create zombies with their bloody wounds. That’s weird, right?! I know, but I can’t help it. Anyway, I often work using recycled wool so I sew my wounds then sometimes add gore with red acrylic paint.  I tried something a little different the other night when I was making the zombie for my partner.  I created layered wounds using wool pieces and machine sewing them. 
After making my swap zombie I wanted to play around with creating more wounds so I made a zombie for my zombie shelf.  I think I actually went overboard on the wounds but I had so much fun experimenting that I couldn't stop. Here’s what I did.

I pulled out my white, pink and red wool scraps then began cutting the scraps to create wounds. For my doll I cut a body piece in white wool then cut out the same shape in red. I pinned the wounds to the red wool and stitched them into place using my machine.

Once that was finished I layered my white wool piece on top of the red (with the right sides facing up) then pinned it together.  I flipped my fabric sandwich over; using the outline of the wounds I had already sewn, I stitched around the wounds about ¼” out from my original lines.

Then I turned the piece back over and began to cut into the white wool to open up my doll’s wounds. A seam ripper worked really well to create a hole that I could get my scissors into.

 I used different combinations of my wool scraps to create fleshy looking wounds, bones and bloody gashes or bites. I haven’t hit it with acrylic paint but I’m thinking about it. 

As I was working I started to think about zombie wounds and began wondering what everyone else does to gory up their zombies. So, what do you do for zombie wounds and how do you create them? Do you have a favorite type of zombie wound or a trademark wound that you always include on your dolls? I’d love to hear about it.