Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zombie Drink Cozy

I finished the February craft along challenge. I created a zombie flower drink cozy using rececled wool coats and the cuff from a wool sweater. I know the point of this month was to create a coffee cozy to keep your hands warm. I love a good hot chocolate like anyone else, but I'm tired of winter and snow!! We've had ove six feet of snow since January first. I just want to think spring, warm days and unsweetened ice tea. My zombie flower was created with these warm spring thoughts in mind. Maybe now that the first undead flower has bloomed, spring will finally come! Alas, wishful thinking. . . I still need to go shovel the six inches of snow that fell last night.


Kerry said...

LOVE IT !!!!
Holding thumbs that you don't get any more snow ...... I'm sure you're over the shoveling thing !!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

An undead flower! Hahaha! Love it. Hoping noore snow falls!

A Little Creation said...

It's so cute!
Chris =]