Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mad as a Hatter . . .

It has taken me awhile to get on here and share the zombie doll that I sent to Trish.  
One of the "missing zombie doll" requests she listed was a Mad Hatter doll.
. . . so meet Hatter.  I really had fun making him!

As far as zombies go, Hatter is very friendly . . .
but more than a little bonkers!
He loves tea, and never goes anywhere without his hat.
Hatter has been known to be very charming . . . especially with people he knows and
when attending tea parties.  Although, his obsession with tea and tea parties
may also set him off.  Then you may see is “mad”, crazy, eccentric side.
Yep . . . completely off his rocker. 
Enjoy this little zombie doll.  He may be entirely bonkers,
but I’ll tell you a secret . . . All the best people are.


Kerry said...

He is adorable !!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

Oh! He is super cute! I bet she loves him!!!!