Thursday, October 13, 2016

Total Cuteness!

Lest you think poorly of our wonderful hostess, I did receive my zombie from Val BEFORE the shipping deadline, but have been so busy trying to catch up on the one I was making for her that I had not had a chance to take pictures or post.  Having recently moved to the Gulf Coast, I finally feel like some beach-themed decor is appropriate, so one of my suggestions was a doll to incorporate.  I present to you, my little surfer girl:

 I absolutely adore the tiny touches like her belly button piercing and her anklet:
 She came with some goodies that I refused to touch until after I had sent out the doll I made for Val.  Last night I celebrated by opening up that bag of Chex Mix and promptly attracted the attention of my own local zombies (13 yr-old up past bedtime).
 Also included was this darling felted owl.  I have to fight my daughters off for possession of this too.  Nina loves owls, and Nora loves needle felting. Mine! Back off I say!

Thank you Val -- both for my box o' fun, and hosting these swaps.  I enjoy the opportunity to share my love of things handmade.

Happy Haunting Y'all.

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Clare said...

She is great! I have a hippy version of her from last year's swap!