Sunday, July 4, 2010

My gnome's 4th of July

 We invited Mel A. Gnome' to our weekend 4th of July bash at the river to enjoy some fun and sun.  He came in his trunks (LSU logo trunks to be exact) and sunglasses (solar control, uv rated, designer sunglasses)  and brought his own beach towel  (that said something about a cup of joe with a steaming hot cup of coffee printed on it).. I thought "how sweet he is!" But, before we could even get the  boat in the water he was laid out on the dock with  his  beach towel watching and whistling as girls went by. We threatened to leave him because he was rather embarrassing.
 We spent the day boating. All the kids took turns knee boarding and wake boarding.  It's always fun!.
 Once Mel got on the wake  board, he wouldn't let any one else have a turn. He was showing off with  "look ma,  no hands"!  When he would fall off into the water, the kids would beg their dad to not turn around to go get him. But we just couldn't leave him out there for the alligators.

Can't tell you how many times I heard "It's my turn."  Or how many times the crew was threatening to throw Mel overboard. And asking me why we had to bring him along?

So not just my gnome mis-behaving, but Mel caused every one else to mis-behave.

Seems like Mel definitely had a good time though.


Melinda Cornish said...

Mel the pain.........I am surprised you didnt throw him in! haha/......

Kerry said...

Really Mel!!!! and that's the appreciation you show when you're taken out for the day.... naughty gnome!!!! Hee... hee

Yarni Gras! said...

hah! with a name like that, I'm sure he got a tan, right?