Friday, October 22, 2010

October's challenge

I stepped up to the challenge this month too!

Here is what I did for Halloween.

I got the templates off allsorts
here and just tied them to a couple of those creepy cloths from the dollar store.

close up of one of the words...

I like how it turned out and it was super easy to do.

On to the next one.
Since I don't have many decorations for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd make one of those gorgeous fabric swags I've seen on other people's blogs.

I used pinking shears and cut and cut and cut a ton of swatches from my fall colored fabrics. All those fat quarters people have sent me in swaps got used up! Note to anyone doing this...RIP the fabric...m
y hands were sore for DAYS after making it!
I didn't use a tutorial, but afterwords found several and they ALL suggested you rip the fabric *sigh*

I'm very pleased with it.

Right now I have it draped on a table but once Halloween is over, I'll put it up on the mantel through Thanksgiving.

a close up of the fabrics....

Now I just need some cool weather!


Kerry said...

So cute!!!
My hands hurt just looking at all that cut fabric - it's gorgeous:-)

Unknown said...