Monday, March 9, 2015

March's challenge!

Seussify something, that's what I said
What was I thinking? I'm outta my head!
I had to make something, simple and quick
So I Seussified Osa with a clip and a snip:

But it wasn't enough, it didn't quite "do!"
I needed to Seussify another thing or two!
So I pulled out my hook and some yarn in bright colors
Crocheted up some stitches, some old and some yothers...
I made a new cozy so fun and so neat

But my Seussify need still wasn't complete!
So back to my stash, I dug through and through.
I pulled out some fabric, some felt and some glue.
Thread and a needle, down I then sat
And made a BETTER cozy with CAT IN THE HAT!

This poem was the last thing I thought should be done
Seussification complete, now wasn't that fun!


Debby said...

wow, you are good. Cute.

A Little Creation said...

You are the Queen of Rhyme!
Chris =]

Debbie said...

Love it all! I hope to be able to do a challenge or two soon! Maybe this one :0)