Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I was finally able to jump on and meet a monthly challenge! I saw the March theme and thought, "Okay, I can do this." I have a reputation among my long-distance friends and family for never sending a plain brown package.  I had already begun experimenting with some cheap neon acrylic paints on the first package and wasn't too pleased with my results, but the recipient (my older sister, a talented artist) always appreciates my art.  The second package contains a gigantic inflatable globe for my nieces and nephew, and the Seuss title "Oh the Places You'll Go" was my inspiration.  I switched out the last word of the title with "Know" because well, it's a globe.  I used my Faber-Castell twist-up crayons on doubled 40 pound white kraft paper.  I discovered that it would not handle any wet medium.  But coloring is so soothing, don't you agree? Since I am terrible at drawing people figures, I cheated and printed out the little guy on the spire.  I decided to place the address label on the back side of the "book" so as not to have the little guy covered by postage labels.


Kerry said...

What a cool idea ..... that is fantastic :-)
Who wouldn't be excited about receiving a package like that :-)

AutumnWind said...

How fun! I love that idea :0)

Yarni Gras! said...

I used to wrap packages in Kaela and Matt's artwork from preK, etc. now im boring! Lol