Friday, October 4, 2013

Evolution of a zombie

 On the 12th there is a charity function that Stacie (daughter) and the grandkids are going to. It is the first official Zombie Ball.
 It benefits a local school of the blind and promises to be a blast. Hopefully not a gunshot blast to the head because that is the only way to kill a zombie. Something to the brain. you know, hatchet, axe etc.....
 They had an option for extra money to have your hair and make up done. I told Stacie that was great but we would be standing in line all night and then it is going to be a 5 minute job. I have a feeling that a lot of people will be doing that.
 We decided I could do the makeup. Now these arent really good pictures, you cant see the wound on Liv's face but it was a trial run anyway. We went to good will and another thrift store and got heavy metal black t shirts and are making black tutu's. we are going to wear leggings under. Also we are going to run cheese graters over the T's. Daniel, (grandson) is going to wear a white tshirt with a plaid over it. We are all learning the dance to Thriller right now. (I just love to dance.) What is nice is it is a family event. Anyway, here is Liv.......

This is her "I really want to do this, but I have to act like I dont because I am 12 now" face.

Here she is all pancaked up. I used DE Nuys professional make up because it stays on until you take it off. Now matter what.

Because I dont have the liquid latex I made up something on the spot for yukky skin and a wound......Egg white and one layer of toilet paper and then I built it out. And WALAAAAAAA. 

In person it looked just amazing....We all ran from her....I wish you could see her better but I will take outside pictures before the Ball!


Melinda c said...

oh yeah the green thing on her chest is a fake glow in the dark maggot!

val said...

oh my gosh, she looks GREAT (for a zombie!) hahaha!
What a good sport to go from gorgeous to ghoulish!

Kerry said...

That is going to be a "ball" !!!
You've done a great job with the make up Melinda .... cant wait to see more pics.

Little Messy Missy said...

Very awesome... cool idea using toilet paper.

jillytacy said...

She looks great. A zombie ball sounds like fun!