Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lucky Thrift Store Find ....

On a whim, my daughter and I decided to pop into a local thrift store last weekend .... have a rummage round and see if there were any diamonds in the rough to found .... BINGO !!!!
What's a girl to do ...... grab it and run to the checkout just as fast as you can !!!!
Brand new .....  tags from the Disney Store still attached ..... with a price tag of $2-99 - what a steal .... what a perfect Tuck In this could be.
Yesterday, after a rummage through my stash, and a little trial and error, the perfect Tuck In was born ..... a super duper AIW apron !!!
I am soooo excited for this swap ....... I absolutely LOVE, just how creative this theme encourages you to be.
Happy creating girls ...... it's back to blood and brains for me :-)


val said...

Oh man that is awesome!!

jillytacy said...

What a great find! I love it and it's even better after the re-do!

AutumnWind said...

So, amazingly, cool! What an awesome find!!